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Suicide Prevention

In 2016, 4575 deaths from suicide were registered in England

The Suicide Prevention Atlas shows data on suicide, related risk factors and related service contacts  for every local authority in England, giving people important information to help them in their plans to prevent suicide. It also shows which local authorities have suicide prevention plans in place.

August, June, March, February & January 2018 - suicide prevention plan progress updated

August 2018 - updated with 2016/17 depression prevalence data (QOF)

February 2018 -  updated data on emergency admissions for self-harm (2015/16) & estimated use of opiates and/or crack cocaine (2014/15)

November 2017 - updated with 2014-2016 suicide data and 2016 unemployment data.

To use the map
  1. Select an indicator below to see variance across England
  2. Then select an area on the map to get the local picture
  3. Or search for your area, postcode or town